Get to know some of the producers behind the exquisite wines the

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Morgado Cellars

Kimberly Hatcher is the winemaker and owner of Morgado Cellars, but what most people don’t know is that she is also a San Francisco firefighter and has been for 25 years.


Kidd Ranch Vineyard

Owner and Winemaker Paul Skinner received his PhD in Soil Science in 1988 and swore he wanted nothing to do with owning a vineyard and producing wine. That all changed when he had the opportunity to buy a portion of Kidd Ranch Vineyard.


Buselli Family Vineyard

When Italo and Rosalia Buselli bought a tract of land on the east side of Napa Valley in 1990, they could hardly have imagined that their grapes would end up in some of the region’s most highly sought after, limited production wines, including their 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon.